Notes for Authors < TASK Quarterly
(ISSN 1428-6394)


Submission of an article to TASK Quarterly is understood to imply that the article is original, unpublished and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. All the articles submitted for publication will be reviewed. There are no page charges. The articles should be written in English.

Title page: Title of the article should be concise yet informative. If there are more authors, first their names should be given, followed by full postal addresses, footnote signs being used as necessary.

Abstract: The abstract should be informative, not only indicating the general scope of the article, but also stating the main results and conclusions. The abstract should not exceed 200 words.

Text: The text should be typed with double spacing on one side of the standard size page with wide margins (about 3,5 cm). The other two copies may be double-sided photocopies. Articles should be Equations should be numbered serially (1), (2), on the right side of the page, but only if reference is made to them in the text. Footnotes should be avoided, if required, they should be used only for brief notes which do not fit well into the text. Tables may be included into the text. If table is typed on a separate page its positions in the text should be marked. The desired position of each illustration should also be marked in the typescript.

References: References should be numbered sequentially. The numbers occur in square brackets and one number can be used to designate several references. The reference list placed at the end of the paper lists the references in numerical order.

Figures and figure captions: Illustrations should be suitable for direct reproductions. The lettering, as well as the details, should have proportional dimensions to maintain their legibility after the usual reductions. Original lettering, after the appropriate reduction, should appear at the standard size of about 9 to 11 points. Colour reproduction of illustrations is available to authors free of charge.

Proofs: Authors will receive galley proofs for corrections, which should be returned as soon as possible. All joint communications must indicate the name and address of the authors to whom proofs should be sent.

How to submit: Articles for consideration by the journal can now be submitted electronically without the need to send a hard copy. The preparation of the texts in any common dialect of TeX is strongly recommended. However, the MSWord documents also will be accepted. Figures should be submitted as separate files, preferably in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) or TIFF formats. The text and figure files should be packaged together into one archive and compressed using a common utility such as PKZip, tar + gzip or Stuffit.

All contributions and subscription orders should be send to or mailed to the Editor:
Prof. Jaroslaw Rybicki (,
Centre of Informatics, Tri-City Academic Supercomputer and networK (CI TASK),
Gdansk University of Technology,
Narutowicza 11/12,
80-233 Gdansk,

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