Carbone dioxide sequestration and utilization options from the fossil-fuel power plant

Kierownik projektu: Milad Amiri

Politechnika Gdańska

Wydział Inżynierii Mechanicznej i Okrętownictwa


Data otwarcia: 2022-03-01

Streszczenie projektu

Project fits into following sub-areas outlined in the proposal:
* Full value chain analysis
* New knowledge that facilitates large-scale CO2 storage
* Development of CO2 capture solutions integrated into power and industry processes
Proposed process of utilization, called nCO2PP (negative CO2 Power Plan), consists of 3 essential elements, namely: 1) a system that processes sewage sludge in syngas; 2) a system that burns the resulting fuel in pure oxygen in a dedicated wet combustion chamber, and 3) a unique turbine with a system for condensing the steam and capturing carbon dioxide.

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