Research and Development

Research and Development

CI TASK mission is to maintain network and computing infrastructure and all IT services fulfilling scientific, bussiness and social needs. Apart from regular maintenance CI TASK is also applying development strategy to follow new technology trends by building, testing and deploying new solutions.


CI TASK develops research laboratories as part of the Road Map projects, as well as its own related to the development of HPC technology and “green computing”, also cloud services and digital space as data sources. These laboratories enable the production and testing of new solutions and related IT products.


CI TASK is currently participating in the implementation of several ambitious projects under domestic or foreign consortia and maintains the already completed projects in shelf life. It also undertakes independent projects financed from its own sources in order to follow the current development trends in the IT industry in terms of providing its users with the latest technologies and solutions.


CI TASK cooperates with external units on several levels. We act as a partner in consortia, a subcontractor / service provider of tasks in external projects, and we provide support to research teams as well as organizations and entrepreneurs in the use of IT solutions in the problems encountered.

Develompent trends

CI TASK tracks global development trends in telecommunications networks, large-scale computing, huge data sets, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, IT services and broadly understood security.


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