TASK Quarterly
(ISSN 1428-6394)

CI TASK journal is presenting articles concerning usage of information technology to solve important problems in science and engineering, including high computing power and artificial intelligence in various types of research and development projects.


Piotr Doerffer, doerffer@imp.gda.pl
Jaroslaw Rybicki, jaroslaw.rybicki@pg.edu.pl

Editorial Board

Aleksander Herman, holo@altis.chem.pg.gda.pl
Adam Liwo, adaml@task.gda.pl
Henryk Krawczyk, hkrawk@pg.edu.pl
Stanislaw Oldziej, stan@task.gda.pl
Jacek Tejchman, tejchmk@pg.gda.pl
Krzysztof W. Wojciechowski, kww@ifmpan.poznan.pl

Address of the Editors

Centre of Informatics, Tri-City Academic Supercomputer and networK (CI TASK)
Narutowicza 11/12, 80-952 Gdansk, Poland
tel: (+48 58) 347 24 11, fax: (+48 58) 347 10 06
e-mail address: quarterly@task.gda.pl

International Advisory Committee:

Emmanuel A. Anagnostakis (Dekeleia, Greece), Franco Bagnoli (Firenze, Italy), Witold Brostow (Denton, USA), William G. Hoover (Ruby Valley, Nevada, USA), Andrzej Maksymowicz (Cracow, Poland), Franco Magagnato (Karlsruhe, Germany), Antoni Nowakowski (Gdansk, Poland), George Papadopoulos (Athens, Greece), Krzysztof Pawlikowski (Christchurch, New Zealand), Lucjan Piela (Warsaw, Poland), Jerzy Proficz (Gdansk, Poland), Daniel R.Ripoll (Ithaca, USA), Bruno Rubino (L’Aquila, Italy), Harold A.Scheraga (Ithaca, USA), Dietrich Stauffer (Cologne, Germany), Andrew Targowski (Kalamazoo, MI, USA), Jan Weglarz (Poznan, Poland), David A.Yuen (Minneapolis, USA).

The journal provides a common platform for the presentation of papers and exchange of views on numerical methods in their applications to solve a variety of problems in science and engineering with the aid of high performance computers.

Readership: Scientists and engineers involved in computational and numerical methods, applied mathematicians

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