Centre of Informatics Tricity Academic Supercomputer and networK

CI TASK is a network and professional software platform operator. CI TASK services are supporting science as well as research and development activity (R&D)


is a safe and protected cloud for your data, build on flexible infrastructure, hundreds of servers, efficient CPUs, SSD drives and redundant network connections Ethernet

Tryton Supercomputer

is one of top high performance computers in Poland and Europe. Tryton’s performance is 1,48 PFLOPS (1,48*1015 floating point operations per second). His power is used to perform scientific calculations, simulations, data processing and analysis of large databases (Big Data).

Research and Development

CI TASK is continuously looking for new solutions in laboratories, working on: research and development, leading research projects, cooperating with other universities and industrial institutions, following and leading trends in development

TASK Quarterly

is a scientific journal where the results of research work of different fields are presented, especially those conducted with usage of our Supercomputer. This quarterly is a forum of exchanging experiences and knowledge about numerical methods used to solve scientific and engineering problems.



TASKcloud is a flexible infrastructure, fully configurable and safe place for your data in the cloud.


Open software OpenStack, several hundred of servers, high performance CPUs, SSD drives and redundant network Ethernet.

Virtual Infrastructure

Own virtual machines and network infrastructure perfectly adjusted to your needs. Easy to automate with available API.

Data storage

Data safety on machine’s volumes and space to store your valuable data secured with S3 interface.

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User guide

Don’t know how to start? Any problems with service configuration? Read our technical guidelines.

TRYTON, supercomputer one of TOP 500


TRYTON cluster is a system with one of highest computing power in Poland and Europe. Its total computing power is over 1.2 PFlops (petaflops). TRYTON’s power is used for scientific calculations, simulations, data analysis and big data processing. Over 1,300 servers are used in 40 racks and altogether weight is over 20 tons.

Computing power

Information about available software, computing systems and data storage systems.


How the supercomputer can be used, user’s project examples.

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Rules and preconditions for supercomputer users. Registration of new users.

User guide

Fundamental knowledge and frequently asked questions. Support request and technical assistance.

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Visit TASK Center for Supercomputer Tour. Plan your trip. Learn about supercomputer technology, history and its role in projects.


TASK Network

TASK is providing access to scientific resources and networks for national and international R&D units, universities and schools.


The entire infrastructure is connected via several hundred kilometers of fibre-optic cables and network devices located in Tri-City area.


CI TASK is hosting subdomains in the following main domains: gda.pl, gdansk.pl, gdynia.pl, sopot.pl and med.pl.


Secured, high quality system for video conferences and presentations.


See camera views from 7 devices located in Tri-City and area around.

Internet and data transfer

Braodband fibre-optic internet access and large data storage transfer.


Research and Development

CI TASK mission is to maintain network and computing infrastructure and all IT services fulfilling scientific, bussiness and social needs. Apart from regular maintenance CI TASK is also applying development strategy to follow new technology trends by building, testing and deploying new solutions.

Development trends

World trends in area of telecommunication network, large scale computing, big data , Internet of Things, AI, IT services and widely understood security.


Currently running projects as a partner in consortium, domestic or international, now in shelf life as well as self-funded for R&D activity in IT domain.


CI TASK research laboratories on Roadmap, home-grown as well as connected with HPC technology development, “green” computing, services in cloud and digital data sources.


Collaboration with external units in few areas: partnership in consortium, subcontracting in external projects, support for external R&D teams and companies to provide effective IT solutions.