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Open software OpenStack, several hundred of servers, high performance CPUs, SSD drives and redundant network Ethernet

CI TASK’S computing cloud is built on the basis of a modern computing infrastructure, which includes over 300 computing servers

Server features:

fast SSD drives

Intel® Xeon® dual-processor platforms

10 Gigabit Ethernet redundant network

redundant servers’ power supply










PB Storage



The entire infrastructure has a redundant power supply in the form of UPS devices that support the operation of devices and generators with a total power of 1.3 MW to support operation in the event of power outages.
The server room has two independent air conditioning circuits that provide the devices with proper working conditions.

A fully redundant network infrastructure inside the cloud and several exit points to the Internet ensure reliable transfer and constant access to resources.

The computing cloud uses the OpenStack solution – one of the most popular cloud solutions in the world. OpenStack is developed by the biggest brands in the IT industry, such as: Intel, RackSpace, Red Hat, Canonical, OVH. This guarantees software maturity, constant development and maintenance of appropriate standards. At the same time, the OpenStack environment provides a universal communication standard, so you can use many ready-made tools that allow you to automate business processes related to infrastructure management..


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