Deperturbacyjna analiza widm dwuatomowych polarnych molekuł dwuatomowych

Kierownik projektu: Patryk Jasik

Politechnika Gdańska

Wydział Fizyki Technicznej i Matematyki Stosowanej


Streszczenie projektu

Studies of polar alkali dimers provide valuable insight into several basic phenomena, such as perturbations in excited states, potential curve crossings and avoided crossings, photodissociation, photoassociation, and new quantum matter, namely the Bose-Einstein condensate and ultracold two-fermionic species. The development of spectroscopic methods allows for very accurate measurements, providing valuable data for the ground and excited states of these molecules. From the theoretical point of view heteronuclear alkali metal dimers are very attractive objects due to their simple electronic structure and the possibility of treating them as effective two-electron systems with separated atomic cores. Pseudopotential methods with longtail core polarization model potentials are well suited to treat such systems.
In this project, we will consider excited states of the diatomic alkali molecules. Such states are promising candidates for establishing the new paths of creation the ultracold molecules in the deeply bound ground state. We will present the new deperturbation approach based on the n-channel model, in which excited states are connected for example by L-uncoupling terms and/or by SO coupling terms. Using theoretical potential energy curves and couplings calculated in CI TASK as well as the experimentally recorded spectra of excited states, we will be able to determine high accuracy potentials allowing for the investigation of formation dynamics of the ultracold molecules. Final calculations will be performed by means of the sPYtroscopy program package, which will be developed using the CI TASK resources.

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