For community

In the knowledge-based information community, the number of digital transactions, the use of internet portals and multimedia resources also various types of digital devices is growing exponentially. CI TASK offers multimedia streams, access to open source repositories and portals such as: MeteoPG, e-Microscope.
Public viewing cameras

Public viewing cameras

Features:  Remote observation of selected, visually attractive places in the region.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Promotion of the Tri-City and the region.
  2. Possibility of observation and registration some unique events and natural phenomena.

Videos (video library)

Features: Access to the CI TASK’s multimedia archive.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Remote access to materials of high cognitive and educational value.

Visiting the center (for school)

Features: Take a direct look at the operation of the network super-computing center.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Exceptional educational and cognitive values ​​(only 5 such centers in Poland).
  2. Enriching the latest network and computing technologies.


Traugutta 75, Street, 80-221 Gdańsk
tel.: + 48 58 347 24 11
NIP: 584-020-35-93
REGON: 000001620
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 08.00 am – 03.00 pm