For Administration

Efficient administration uses IT technologies to collect and search digital documents and their various analysis in order to efficiently serve customers. CI TASK offers the possibility of storing and archiving large data sets and their efficient processing in the TASKcloud.

DNS (registration of names

Features: Internet name registration.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Quick registration of internet names in regional domains.
  2. Maintaining local servers.
  3. Easily create new functional records in DNS zones.

Internet access

Features: Access to information resources on the Internet.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. High-bandwidth access to information resources and services.
  2. 24/7 monitoring of link parameters and support of experienced engineers.
  3. Additional services (DNS, IP addressing, protection against intrusion).
  4. Broadcasting subscriber address ranges using BGP.
  5. Protection against attacks by means of the blackholing mechanism.

Data transfer (dedicated network)

Features: Creating dedicated internal networks with high bandwidth and tightly controlled access.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Dedicated service with strictly controlled technical parameters.
  2. Various technologies: Ethernet, VLAN, QinQ, MPLS, VPN, IPSec, optical channels, optical fibers.
  3. Possibility to build own internal networks, separated from the Internet, with strictly controlled access.
  4. 24/7 monitoring of link parameters and support of experienced engineers.
  5. High bandwidth, low latency.
  6. Independence from Internet disruptions.

Large-scale computing (queuing system, resource reservation)

Features: Usage of complex computing services to develop innovative solutions that are practically useful.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Economic profitability of the preparation and use of cloud services.
  2. Consultancy in solving computationally complex problems.
  3. Possibilities of modeling difficult practical problems.

Data analysis (big data)

Features: Analysis of large data sets by using typical Big Data tools.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Analysis of large data sets significantly exceeding the capacity of computers to be stored in the operating memory (5V).
  2. A set of standard tools for processing and transferring analyzed data.
  3. Predefined environment that can be used without time-consuming configuration.

Data storage (backup)

Features: Storage of large volumes of data, backup storage.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Data stored in the country (facilitating data transfer).
  2. High reliability of the warehouse.
  3. Friendly data access interface.
  4. Support with migration and preparation of the backup mechanism to the Center.

Servers' colocation

Features: Renting space in a professional and secure server room, in order to place your own servers.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Guaranteed, duplicate power lines and cooling systems.
  2. 24-hour supervision over the technical infrastructure.
  3. Fast links to the research network and other operators.
  4. Possibility of compiling dedicated links between the server and the headquarters of the research and academic unit.
  5. Remote “in hands” assistance.

Web and mail hosting

Features: Using virtual servers to provide services.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Lowering the maintenance costs of simple e-mail and WWW systems.
  2. Independent management of service and user parameters.
  3. Friendly admin interface.
  4. 24-hour supervision over the technical infrastructure.
  5. Quick links to other operators.

Virtual Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Features: Creating a virtual infrastructure (servers, networks, disks) in a computing cloud environment
and sharing the running in it service,s within the organization as well as for external users.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Cost reduction – no equipment maintenance and no costs required.
  2. Cost planning – ease of installation site to your actual situation and supply.
  3. Flexibility – Changes in architecture and size of infrastructure take little time.
  4. Accessibility – access to infrastructure from anywhere from searching to the internet network.

Code repositories

Features: Remote source code repositories with the ability to create documentation (wiki, GitLab Pages), manage tickets (tickets) and flexible access rights. The developed software can be made available in an archived (artifacts) or containerized (Docker Registry) form, and thanks to automation mechanisms it is also possible to define Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI / CD) processes.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Sharing the source code.
  2. Versioning the ability to track the history of changes.
  3. Reduction of tasks related to software maintenance thanks to the possibility of automating the processes of testing and / or implementation (CI / CD).
  4. Knowledge base about the project kept in one place.
  5. Access to the code from anywhere with access to the Internet.

Access to CI TASK laboratories

Features: CI TASK offers access to 4 research and development laboratories with the possibility of conducting research experiments on a selected topic.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Solving problems of energy-saving processing.
  2. Effective use of computing cloud.
  3. Reconciliation of technological diversity.
  4. Organizing data sources.

Project with TASK

Features: Network development and computing infrastructure as part of roadmap projects.

Benefits of using the service:

  1. Improving HPC services for the needs of the scientific and economic community.
  2. Improving the management and use of services.
  3. Technological modernization of networks in the direction of increasing the efficiency and security of service processing.
  4. Establishing a center for collecting and sharing open research data to implement new research scenarios.
  5. Construction of the new headquarters of CI TASK and the offer of intelligent services.


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