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Secure data storage

Data is one of the most sensitive goods. The care for them is reflected in the methods of storage and in knowing where they are actually being shipped to. By entrusting us that, you can be sure, that they are in Poland, in a reputable research institute.

As part of computing cloud, we offer a safe place for data storage and / or backup, in a data center located in Gdańsk.

When you lead a research project or are a commercial company and you need infrastructure for new projects, want to reduce expenses and ensure the security of your data – our TASK CLOUD cloud solution is just for you. We provide support in the migration and implementation of services in the cloud model.


We offer 2 storage methods:

  1. External volumes (disks) in virtual machines, the so-called block storage. They allow for direct data use by virtual machines for further use, e.g. on websites.
  2. Object storage – available without activating a virtual machine. Dedicated to collecting large volumes of data, for example backups. The service provides the standard S3 API, which allows you to easily access data for scientific and commercial purposes.

All data is replicated and in that the system is resistant to hardware infrastructure failures. The efficiency and scalability of the solution ensures that the system is distributed over many servers.


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