CI TASK and Development Strategy

Centre of Informatics Tricity Academic Supercomputer and networK

CI TASK is an operator of networks and professional software platforms, supporting science and research and development (R&D).

We provide IT services at the highest level in the field of:

high performance computing

reality modeling, simulation of processes and laws of nature

computing cloud TASKcloud

IaaS – virtual infrastructure and PaaS – application platforms


e.g. internet, domains and data transfer

transfer, data collecting and processing

digital libraries, thesis repository, weather forecast, virtual description of human tissues

We consult on the usage of professional scientific packages, optimization of computation scalability and effective data analysis. We serve the entire academic and research community in Poland, including universities and research institutes in Pomerania, and cooperate with the economy and business in the field of R&D through the implementation of innovative projects.


  1. Building CI TASK’s own headquarter and ensuring support for the safety of its operation.
  2. Further development of intelligent network services, computing and cloud computing services as well as data transfer, collection and analysis for the needs of participants of CI TASK’s users.
  3. Improving the working conditions of CI TASK employees, including scientific and professional development, in order to meet the contemporary challenges posed by the Center.
  4. Continuous expansion of the network and computing infrastructure as well as data processing in order to acquire new CI TASK’s users.
  5. Opening up to wider cooperation with academic centers and business entities in order to implement R&D projects.