Project full name:

Bridge of Data - Multidisciplinary Open Transfer Knowledge System - stage II: Open Research Data id: POPC.02.03.01-00-0033/17-00

Financial institution:

Digital Poland Project Centre (CPPC) under Operational Program Digital Poland

Project goals

Increasing availability of research data financed by institutions which support scientific activities, as well as establishing a competence center related to that issue at the Gdansk University of Technology. The key aim of the project is to design and develop a platform for gathering, searching, analyzing and sharing open research data, and then supply the platform with unique data from the 3 most important universities in Pomerania: Gdansk University of Technology, Medical University of Gdansk and University of Gdansk. The data will be made available free of charge to the scientific community, industry and the whole society.

Services and task implemented by CI TASK

CI TASK provides services for storage, updating and transfer of the data (ca. 140 TB) gathered during the Bridge of Data project, using high-performance object storage system: Ceph. The Center also manages an Apache Spark installation in an OpenStack cloud, which provides big data analysis services. CI TASK will be responsible for development and management of a cloud computing environment, object data storage and big data analysis software. The Center’s team of software architects and developers will be responsible for designing, implementation and maintenance of a remote data access API, software components of the Bridge of Data for versatile visualization of medical imaging data (a virtual microscope) and an application for large-scale structured data analysis.

The consortium:

Gdansk University of Technology (leader), Medical University of Gdansk, University of Gdansk