Vol. 23, No 4, 2019 < Volumes
(ISSN 1428-6394)



hKhrystyna P. Gnatenko and Volodymyr M. Tkachuk The Soccer-Ball Problem in Quantum Space

The monograph is devoted to studies of the problem of a macroscopic body known as the soccer-ball problem in the frame of different deformed algebras leading to space quantization. It is shown that this problem can be solved in a deformed space with a minimal length, in a noncommutative phase space, in a space with a Lie-algebraic noncommutativity, in a twist-deformed space-time due to the relation of parameters of corresponding algebras with mass. In addition, we conclude that this relation gives a possibility to obtain a list of important results in quantum space including recovering the weak equivalence principle, preserving the properties of the kinetic energy, obtaining the Galilean and Lorentz transformations independent of the mass of the particle.


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