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Analysis of impact forces from breaking waves on monopile support structures

Kierownik projektu: Duje Veic

Instytut Budownictwa Wodnego PAN w Gdańsku



Streszczenie projektu

Although many studies have been conducted on the loads of breaking waves on structures, much uncertainty remains. Improved design methodology and improved fundamental understanding of wave slamming forces could lead to optimization of offshore wind turbine foundations. To gain further insight into the slamming process numerical model which would provide the full pressure distribution on the monopile support structure during the impact will be established. Herby the physics can be evaluated with a high spatial and temporal resolution in controlled environment. Fully 3D numerical model is based on decomposition strategy between two open source codes : OceanWave3D and OpenFOAM. As the OpenFOAM simulations required a high computational power, access to the CI TASK server would be highly beneficial and greatly appreciated.