Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk (CI TASK) is an inter-university organization where High Performance Computers (HPC) and advanced information technology are located and made available to the scientific, academic, and business communities.

Our Mission
Support research and development providing High Performance Computers with specialized software and programming, and high-capacity data archiving systems with mass storage capabilities.
Educate about all aspects of High Performance Computers and advanced Information Technology services.

How we operate
We provide High Performance Computer resources, high capacity memory and expansive mass storage capabilities.
We provide access to TASK resources and worldwide internet to universities, scientists and researchers within Tri-City region.
We maintain and expand the most technologically advanced and reliable regional data communication infrastructure.

Our strengths
High Performance Computers with wide range of scientific software.
Technologically advanced and continuously updated and expanded regional data communication infrastructure.
Highly qualified and educated technical and scientific personnel.
Highly regarded Competence Center for High Performance Computing.
Established collaboration with academic, scientific and business communities in the region.