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Analiza wpływu wilgotności i temperatury na właściwości mechaniczne materiałów kompozytowych

Kierownik projektu: Rohan N. Soman

Instytut Maszyn Przepływowych PAN w Gdańsku


Streszczenie projektu

I. Introduction

The research of Rohan N. Soman is conducted under Prof. Ostachowicz in the O4/Z1 team. All the activities involving Matlab and ABAQUS will be at the place of recruitment, the Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery.

II. Overview of Matlab and ABAQUS planned computations

MATLAB will be utilized for the following computational activities:

- analytical modelling of structure, for validating the proof of concept

- post processing of the results obtained through the use of ABAQUS

- performing genetic algorithm optimization

- post processing of experimental data- denoising, filtering, feature extraction

- generating relevant plots for dissemination

ABAQUS was utilized for the following computational activities:

- generating of the Finite Element Model of the Tower structure, for damage detection

- generating FE model for the composite beams which will be used in some upcoming publications

- FE Analysis of Bridge structures for damage detection

- FE Analysis of Ship mast for SHM purposes

The contributions of the computing facilities offered by TASK will be duly acknowledged whenever the resources are used.

III. Conclusions

Matlab and ABAQUS have been crucial tools necessary for the successful fulfillment of the research activities carried. Both the softwares Matlab remain, necessary for the accomplishment of the goals setup as a part of further work. It is envisaged that the work will be disseminated through conference and journal publications.

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