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Kierownik projektu: Maciej Bagiński

Politechnika Gdańska

Wydział Chemiczny


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MDR drug transport proteins outside the cell, are responsible for the resistance of Ba these drugs. Emre transfer protein is a bacterial protein responsible for multi-drug resistant bacteria. In recent years, they determined the structure of this protein, which acts as a homodimer. Unfortunately, experimental studies is not possible to determine how this protein works at the molecular level. The aim is to test the hypothesis "vacuum membrane" according to which proteins bind this type of ligands / xenobiotics (including drugs) from the interior of the lipid membrane rather than the cytoplasm. The project intend to complete a series of simulation testing different versions of the working hypothesis of a vacuum cleaner. The result of the project will characterize the molecular aspects of this hypothesis which can then be verified experimentally by other teams working in this field experimentally. These results may be useful in the design of modulators/ inhibitors of these transport proteins in order to overcome the phenomenon of multidrug resistance.

For the team requesting this is a new field, but the team under the direction of mentor (PhD. Eng. M.Bagińskiego, Professor. Associate Professor. PG) has extensive experience in modeling systems membrane. It is worth noting that in / on the transport protein was not so far studied using molecular modeling, which at this stage appear to be the only approach that allows further understanding the mechanism of action of this transporter on the molecular level.

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